My Viviscal Extra Strength Review 2019


Hey girls, this is my review of Viviscal Extra Strength. I bought a three month supply of Viviscal Extra Strength Supplements, which is the suggested length of time for this product to work. Please note that while this review is going, to be honest, remember that your results probably won't be the same as mine. Nevertheless, I hope that this Viviscal extra strength review will help you in your quest to stop your hair loss. Keep reading to see if it help me.

My Current Hair Condition in 2019

My beautiful dark hair is naturally wavy; however, treated correctly, it can become straight or curly. Back when I was pregnant, my hair grew rapidly, and I had to get it trimmed regularly. I believe it was due to the hormones, present in my body during that period. My nails, healthy hair, and skin looked amazing. Following the birth of my son, my hair began to fall out in clumps, and my nails started to break as well. I started panicking.

I did some research on my own and I read that many new mothers experienced the same effect and my issues were side effects of being pregnant and giving birth which was good to know. However, 5 years have passed, and my hair is still coming out in clusters whenever I wash and condition it. Why is there so much hair in my brush and why is my hair not growing as fast as before? According to me, the reason behind my thinning hair thinning and excessive hair loss was due to a combination of age, hormonal changes, and stress.

Viviscal Ingredients

The main ingredients inside of Viviscal supplements are Zinc, Biotin, Niacin (Caffeine) and Vitamin C. The stand out ingredient is Amino Mar C. This double-blind placebo study on women with thinning hair showed that at the end of the study there were visible improvements in two subjects who took the Amino Mar C Viviscal supplements. Biotin and Caffeine are also two other beneficial ingredients that have personally helped me on my hair growth journey.

My Hair Loss Cause

I think that for me, stress was amongst the principal reasons for my hair problems, and I believe that this is the reality for most people. Your adrenal gland will step to overdrive mode when you are excessively stressed, and it leads to an upsurge in adrenaline levels.

This causes a surge of dihydrotestosterone and testosterone, which without having the appropriate quantity of estrogen to balance it out, leads to hair loss in women and can result in your hair to be less healthy than it should. The excessive falling of hair increases your stress level, causing more hair to fall out. It is just a vicious and never-ending circle.

There are other reasons, too, which can contribute to hair thinning. Apart from poor diet, post-pregnancy, hormonal changes, medications, age, and stress, people suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome c can have problems with their hair because of significant hormone imbalance plus the enhanced sensitivity to male hormones that can cause loss of hair.

It is quite tough to identify an exact stress episode to determine why your hair is unhealthy; however, it is generally due to acute and chronic stress that will lead to conditions such as receding hairline, patchy hair loss (also known as alopecia area), and hair shedding. I was not suffering from patchy hair loss, but I was shedding so much hair that my hair began thinning out pretty bad.

What is Viviscal?

Extra Strength Hair Growth by Viviscal is a hair growth supplement, supposed to assist people suffering from thinning hair, plus allegedly supports existing hair regrowth. As stated by Viviscal, the supplements have been scientifically created with AminoMar which promotes the growth of existing and healthy hair and helps to replenish thinning hair too. These nutrients nourish your hair as part of the Anagen stage of your hair growth sequence. Only Viviscal supplements have AminoMar, a proprietary marine complex. Fundamentally, it is a supplement you have to take twice daily to help promote the growth of hair.

How Viviscal worked for me

I recently started taking the Viviscal Extra Strength, supposedly a highly reviewed hair supplement that allegedly prevents your hair from thinning. Do not misunderstand me... I am not going bald. However, I have a penchant of destroying my hair to all means, which is quite reasonable. I am attempting to get into that manner where I am all about beauty care. I observed that I abuse my hair with endless color treatments, home straightening perms, body wave perms, Brazilian blowouts, and so forth. Therefore, when I noticed my hair was thinning despite doing all this, and I was shedding more hair than expected, I was recommended to take the Viviscal supplement.

My Results

As recommended, I took two pills daily as recommended for three months and voila, I started observing actual results. I am pretty sure that this is due to Viviscal, as I did not change my lifestyle during the time I started taking Viviscal. I would typically shed a lot of hair, but I noticed while showering that my hair was not falling out as much as before, and when I brushed it, hardly any strands of hair were visible on the brush. It was nice to observe that my hair began to grow. Initially, the length of my hair was up to the middle of my back; however, in three months it had grown to reach just above my hips. I visited my stylist, and she too was amazed and enquired what I was doing to get thicker and longer hair was.

There was a noticeable decrease in my hair shedding problems. Less hair fell out every time I combed my conditioner in or washed my hair. My hair became much glossier and thicker. As a side effect that I did not mind was that my nails grew like crazy too. I used to have sharp nails, but following the birth of my daughter they started flaking, bending, breaking, and splitting. They would break off horizontally whenever I put too much pressure on them. My nails are the longest and strongest that they have been in the two years following which I started taking Viviscal. Now I have to shape my nails with a nail file as well as with my ridge filler before each manicure.

The chances are that this specific new growth of hair could be because of my genes, but after taking Viviscal, they became so strong that it now takes much more pressure for them to break off. Unlike most other companies who make big statements about the additional benefits of their hair growth products, I noticed that Viviscal neither issues any statements regarding nail growth nor do they promise it if you purchase their product.

Also, my hair shedding has almost ceased, and it started growing quickly. My hair still grew like crazy and managed to stay strong even when I was sick for an entire month. It took me only 10 weeks to grow 2 ½ inches of hair, which is pretty amazing. My stylist too stated that my hair looked extremely healthy even after applying various boxes of hair dyes in a different shade of red. There was no sign of banding in my hair, a process in which numerous sectors of your hair grabs on to different colors differently. The roots are the strongest part of my hair. It is less porous and tends to hold color so much better now.

I have now developed tiny baby hair, which makes those adorable little fly away's, I have started understanding that this product delivers much more than it appears. I love it. Initially, I was skeptical about its working, but it really works and is pretty cute too. I am glad that I purchased this fabulous product when I did.


  • Easy on stomach
  • Easy to use
  • Promotes healthy hair growth, and
  • It worked for me!


  • Shipping was quite slow for me
  • Can get a bit pricey
  • Can be a bit hard to swallow 



So there we have it, another review for my blog. Despite the high price point, I do think that it was worth it since I am thrilled with the result on my hair. I would recommend it to my friends, but of course, there is no way I can make any guarantees that it works but if you have the budget then I would say go for it girl. I also have some other reviews of other products that are cheaper but gave me some good results.

The Bottom Line: Should You Buy Viviscal?

Hair Restoration Laboratories clearly works and is trusted by many.

Their product is real and not a scam.

With that being said, my recent experiments show that it falls behind the high standards set by Folexin (my recommendation) which you might have seen online already..

Folexin has many of the same ingredients as Viviscal and is cheaper.

Lastly, the results I experienced from Folexin were the best which is why it is my number 1 recommendation right now.

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