VitaBiotics Perfectil Hair Vitamins Review (2020)


Trying out the Perfectil brand was a stroke of luck. I came across it a few months ago thanks to one of my UK-based readers, and the shining smile of Heidi Klum on their website peaked my interest.

Great news: although Vitabiotics products weren’t available in the US up to now, they can now be bought here too. I started off with the fabulous Vitabiotics Hair Crush gummies, and I’ll tell you all about how I got on in this Perfect Hair Review.

What is VitaBiotics?

Vitabiotics are a huge supplement brand in the United Kingdom. They’re actually market leaders when it comes to daily beauty supplements to help boost hair and nail growth, healthy skin etc.

Perfectil is one of a range of other supplements they offer, from multivitamins specific to men and women, to pregnancy specific supplements and vitamins.

Within the Vitabiotics range, Perfectil is dedicated to boosting beauty through a range of vitamins and supplements that target your hair, skin, and nails. They have a great history of offering amazing products and it’s really exciting to see their range now available in the US as well. 

How To Use Perfectil Hair Products


Perfectil Hair Crush Gummies

For my first experience with the Perfectil range, I went for the Hair Crush Gummies.

I was interested in trying something different, not just a pill, but a chewable supplement with great taste and that would be easy to take at any time of day. They definitely didn’t disappoint!

The best way to take the Hair Crush Gummies is to chew two to three gummies every day with your main meal.

I chose to take them with my dinner and really enjoyed them as a treat at the end. 

The other tempting hair product that Perfectil offer is the Platinum Collagen Hair Drink – this will definitely be my next purchase. With 7000 mg of Peptan Marine Collagen Peptides and lots of amino acids, this drink is meant to nourish and protect hair, all with a great passionfruit taste. After trying out the gummies, this is another excellent-tasting supplement to look for. 

Beyond the gummies and the collagen drink, Perfectil also offer a whole range of pill-based supplements you can try. 

Where to buy Perfectil Hair Products

The whole range of Perfectil products is now available in the US on their website. You’ll find really good launching deals, too, with 3 for 2 on most products. Perfectil Hair supplements are being sold for $32.99 per pack of 60 tablets currently. 

You can also find Perfectil Hair products in Walgreens, either in store or online. At the moment, you can only buy the Perfectil Skin, Hair and Nails supplement for $17.99 per pack of 30 tablets, but the rest of the range is due to follow soon.

Perfectil Hair Crush Gummies Ingredients


Perfectil’s Hair Crush Gummies are packed full of amazing ingredients, for a total of 21 vitamins and nutrients:


Zinc is a great booster for hair health. It has been known to sometimes boost growth and also helps the oil glands work properly around your follicles. (1)


Essential in maintaining normal skin, biotin is part of the vitamin B family. A lack of biotin in your diet can lead to hair loss or scaly skin, while having a good amount of biotin can work wonders for your hair, skin, and nails. (2)


One of the best supplements for nail growth, selenium also helps with the production of thyroid hormones that contribute to regulating hair growth. (3)

The gummies also contain vitamins B1 and B6, folic acid, vitamin D3, B12, co-enzyme Q10, and vitamin C. (4)

Perfectil Hair Side Effects

I was lucky enough not to get any side effects at all while I tried the gummies. In fact, with their ingredients, they didn’t just work on my hair, but I also noticed an improvement in my skin texture thanks to the Biotin.

If you experience any side effects you should discontinue use immediately and contact your nearest qualified medical professional.

Does Perfectil Hair Work?

I started my trial of Perfectil Hair products with the Hair Crush Gummies. While there was no immediate effect, I stuck with them and eventually started to notice my hair getting shinier and stronger. The gummies also made my skin clearer and my nails grew a little quicker than usual. This was great and better than I had expected.

However, it’s important to note that, once I stopped taking the gummies, results also stopped after a few weeks. It’s disappointing but I guess it points to the fact that I really was missing all these vitamins and supplements from my diet without Perfectil.  

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m really excited about the Perfectil products. They are the UK’s no. 1 hair, skin, and nails supplement and they get great reviews from all their customers, with a majority of people achieving the results they’re looking for and more. 

I had a great experience taking the Hair Crush Gummies, but I am simply disappointed that the results don’t last very long at all.

Whilst it would be great to keep taking the gummies, it’s a bit of an expensive commitment when there are other brands out there with cheaper and longer-lasting products, using similar ingredients.

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