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I have been suffering from dry, brittle hair for the last year or so, and it was the reason I started this blog. I have tried so many hair loss shampoos, conditioners, foams and supplements. Most of them didn't work, and I was honest about that in the reviews on my blog. 

Today I am going to be reviewing Rejuvalex Hair SupplementsI will be looking at the ingredients, customer reviews, side effects, my experience and more. I hope you will be able to make an informed decision by the end of it. This Rejuvalex Review will be from a Female Hair Loss perspective (aka me), but if you're a guy, I am sure the information I share will still be valuable for your hair growth journey. 

What Is Rejuvalex?


The first and most important thing that you need to know is that Rejuvalex is a broad-spectrum hair loss dietary supplement. Looking a little closer, you will quickly discover that the formula is packed with a blend of Biotin, collagen, multi-vitamins, and essential nutrients.

Rejuvalex claim that when all of the ingredients are combined, they have the power to nourish the scalp on a cellular medical level while also replenishing depleted follicles. From my experience, these ingredients sound genuine. Rejuvalex Supplements claim to work in four different stages.

It first begins in the Anagen stage, which will be activated as soon as you ingest the Rejuvalex hair growth formula. During this stage, the formula will promote the release of oils as well as other restorative compounds that can help support and promote the growth of natural, healthy hair. 

The second stage of the process will be the Catagen stage. This is where the formula helps prevent hair damage as well as hair loss.

The third stage, known as Telogen, is where the formula activates and energizes your hair follicles, which is what promotes advanced hair growth.

The fourth and last stage is the Exogen stage. And, this is just another stage that will help prevent the loss of natural hair.

That sounds pretty impressive if true (1).

Customer Rejuvalex Reviews

As well as selling Rejuvalex Supplements direct from their website, they also list their product for sale on Amazon at a slightly higher price. Because of this, we have the ability to see some unfiltered Rejuvalex Reviews. 


At a quick glance, it doesn't look great at all. 39% of the Rejuvalex Reviews left by customers were 1 star. That is seriously not a good sign for any Hair Growth product.


While the majority of the reviews were negative. 15% of Rejuvalex customers left a 5-star rating. I was expecting the 5-star reviews to be a bit more in-depth, but one customer, for example, simply said "Love it !". That doesn't seem like a genuine review, in my opinion. It's almost like they asked someone who never event tried the product to leave a 5-star review. The other review from Ellen George seems a bit more realistic since she says she did notice a "significant difference in hair growth". She did make a complaint in her 5-star review though stating that the product is "a little pricey."


While there weren't many 5 star reviews to analyze there was plenty of 1-star review to dig through. Steven Mulkins stated that he had been using Rejuvalex for three weeks and hadn't noticed any change. To give some credit to Rejuvalex here, I think this 1-star review was a bit harsh. Three weeks isn't that long for a hair loss product. From my experience, you usually see a result within 2-3 months from supplements like Folexin. Considering how expensive Rejuvalex is though you I can see why you would get agitated quite easily with Rejuvalex.

Another 1-star review from Erin stated that while Rejuvalex does include Biotin, they have lowered the concentration. She also claims that you can purchase higher levels of Biotin at a much lower price. I do agree with Erin here and think that compared to something like Folexin, Rejuvalex definitely seems weaker. The final 1-star review is from Arturo, and he says that Rejuvalex didn't work. He didn't share any further information, unfortunately.




Biotin is the main active ingredient in Rejuvalex. It is an ingredient that is supposed to restore the elasticity levels of your skin and hair follicles while also preventing hair breakage as well as hair loss (2). In the past, when I used the Biotin supplement Folexin, I had amazing hair growth results. The only problem with Rejuvalex is that it only contains a small amount of Biotin. Some bottles only contain 5,000 milligrams of Biotin, whereas others contain as little as 3,000 milligrams. Even the 5,000 milligram isn’t enough for some individuals to see positive hair growth results, in my opinion.


Rejuvalex supplements are packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Niacin, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B5. Vitamins and Nutrients can be beneficial for Hair Loss if a Vitamin Deficiency causes it (3). If you Hair Loss is quite severe and caused by something like too much DHT then Vitamins alone might not be strong enough. That is why it is so disappointing to see the low amount of Biotin used in Rejuvalex.


If you look a little bit deeper, you will also discover that Rejuvalex contains Silica. Silica, as some individuals may already know, is solely responsible for promoting balanced hormone levels. Not only does it help get those hormones in check, but Silicon can has proved to beneficial for a lower rate of hair loss (4).

My Experience With Rejuvalex

I tried Rejuvalex Supplements for two months. Before taking them, my Hair was dry, brittle and falling out in clumps. I have to honestly say that Rejuvalex did nothing for my Hair. My Hair is still in the same terrible condition before taking Rejuvalex. I feel like now instead of my Hair clogging up the drain, my money is also clogging it

How to use Rejuvalex

One of the great things about Hair Loss Supplements is that they are easy to take. Now, it might not provide quick and easy results for hair loss, but at least taking Rejuvalex won’t cause too much disruption in your daily life. It’s not like applying a shampoo two or three times a day.

The whole process is just as simple as remembering the dosages recommended is to take a few pills. To achieve the best result using Rejuvalex, it is recommended to consume it for at least two to three months. However, this doesn’t guarantee positive outcomes for everyone as you can see from the customer reviews.

Where to buy Rejuvalex?

There are many places that you can buy Rejuvalex. However, you always want to remember that when shopping for supplements like this, you want to only do so with reputable vendors like Amazon or somewhere with a recommendation from someone you trust. Some other manufacturers might try to put their spin on the product by altering the ingredients. Unfortunately, to get your hands on a bottle of Rejuvalex, it will set you back nearly $60. If other online retailers are offering the product at a lower price, then this would be a good indication to be alarmed. They might be trying to scam you.

Rejuvalex Side Effects


Miss T Experienced Joint Paint after taking Rejuvalex

Unfortunately, every supplement out there on the market has potential side effects. And, Rejuvalex is undoubtedly no different. Now, these side effects may not be seen in every individual, and some individuals might experience them on a higher level.

All that aside, there haven't been any significant side effects reported with the use of the product because most of the ingredients come from natural sources. Most of the ingredients are just only essential vitamins and minerals (5), which might explain there are not a lot of reports of side effects.

It is also important to note that it is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women to consume Rejuvalex. Minors are also encouraged to steer clear of Rejuvalex. You should discontinue use immediately and seek advise from a medical professional if you experience any side effects.


  • Some customers experienced positive results.
  • These supplements are easy to swallow and take every day.
  • There are no reports of major side effects from Rejuvalex and I didn't experience any.
  • The Rejuvalex Ingredients are natural.


  • Extremely expensive compared to other similar hair growth supplements.
  • You get low amounts of Biotin despite the high price.
  • Rejuvalex has a lot of negative reviews online and didn't provide results for a lot of people.
  • I didn't experience any positive Hair Growth results after using Rejuvalex for 2 months.


What works for some individuals won't work for others. That is just how life works. You can see that Rejuvalex is no different. Some individuals have experienced some results, while others haven't experienced any at all. Some even call it a rip-off. However, there is no denying that Rejuvalex contains many clinically proven ingredients.

There are still too little clinical studies on the substance to say how effective it is. Right now, I am using Folexin, which is a hair supplement with similar ingredients but cheaper. It's not a scam, and the results on for hair loss have been great. I think the reason it works so well is because of the higher amounts of Biotin inside.

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