Plantur 39 Shampoo Review


I have been suffering from hair thinning for a while now unfortunately. That is why I created this blog. There are many causes for your hair falling out. 

Women can suffer from hair loss with the onset of menopause as estrogen levels decrease in women in late 30s and early 40s and testosterone levels increase. High levels of testosterone are also linked to hair loss.

Plantur 39 is a shampoo especially developed with premenopausal women in mind and the company behind Plantur 39 also makes other shampoo conditioner and tonic to deal with hair loss. It’s one out of several hair growth products in the market.

Plantur 39 is one of the most popular growth products for the female hair in the market. Plantur 39 helps condition repair and protect damaged hair structure and is one of the best solutions for people suffering from hair loss.

In this Plantur 39 review, I am going to discuss all the information about this hair loss shampoo and share my own personal experience of using it. 

Plantur 39 Ingredients

Plantur 39 shampoo contains caffeine, which is known to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth at the same time. (1) Plantur 39 shampoo is applied directly to the scalp after which the caffeine penetrates the hair follicles.

Caffeine blocks testosterone (2), which is the leading cause of hair loss in women during due to the menopause. Caffeine has been scientifically tested and is known to promote hair growth and is one of the few chemicals which can stop hair loss.  

Plantur 39 for colour-treated and stressed hair contains Phyto-Caffeine complex with natural wheat extracts which activates the hair roots during washing.

Wheat protein restores the strength of dry and porous hair (3) while Provitamin B5 can make the hair fuller and silkier (4).

Active caffeine ingredient penetrates hair follicles, and blocks testosterone, which is the leading cause of hair loss in both women and men.

Plantur 39 can be used by anyone including people with sensitive skin as there are no known cases where skin type may affect it’s results. 

Plantur 39 Men vs. Women

Plantur 39 has been developed explicitly for premenopausal women as women experience raid hair loss around the age of 40 due to the onset of menopause.

Although some younger women may experience hair loss before the beginning of menopause due to hormonal changes in their bodies.

Plantur 39 is also ideal for men as it shares all ingredients with Alpecine caffeine shampoo, which is another hair loss product made by Dr Wolff, for men.

Men have reported no known side effects after using Plantur 39, and it’s a good idea to use it for treating or reversing male pattern baldness.

Several men have reported positive results are have a favourable opinion of Plantur 39 as compared with other male hair loss products.

Although Alpecine is the primary hair loss shampoo developed by Dr Wolff for men, there is no harm in using Plantur 39 as it is almost identical to Alpecine. 

How to Use Plantur 39

Plantur 39 recommends that you use the Plantur 39 shampoo and conditioner regularly. Although it’s not necessary to use these daily.

You should apply the shampoo and conditioner on your scalp and leave it there for at least 120 seconds or 2 minutes each which will allow for maximum penetration of hair follicles.

I applied Plantur 39 for around 3 minutes or 180 seconds to my scalp and then washed it.

From my own experience, I can say that you must leave the shampoo on your scalp for at least 3 to 4 minutes for the best results. 

It’s a good idea to use it daily if you are suffering from severe hair loss. 

Plantur 39 Side Effects

Some people claim to feel itching on their scalp along with slight irritation after using Plantur 39. Most 1 star Plantur 39 reviews didn’t mention any severe side effects after using it.

Although, I didn’t feel any side effect of using Plantur 39. Results may vary depending on individual users as only a small minority has reported side effects after using Plantur 39.

If you experience ANY side effects discontinue use of Plantur 39 immediately and seek advice from a medical professional right away. 

Consultant Dr Sharon Wong from London Bridge Hospital Said "Side-effects from caffeine shampoos are minimal" in this article.

I am not a doctor. This review should not be taken as medical advice.

Plantur 39 Pros

Plantur 39 is one of the few hair loss products out there which can reverse hair loss.

Several buyers have reported immediate results, and a good number have also claimed that this shampoo provides fine hair with a smooth texture. 

Several users have reported new hair growth around the hairline within few weeks of usage.

Plantur 39 has scientific research to back it’s claims as caffeine is a known agent which blocks testosterone and prevents hair loss.

Plantur 39 is quite effective if compared with other similar products. 

Plantur 39 Cons

Plantur 39 may not work for everyone as hair loss is a complex phenomenon which may have several reasons.

Some people say that they noticed no difference in terms of hair loss or hair growth after using Plantur 39 shampoo, while others claim that Plantur 39 products are expensive and not worth the price like CelMD.

Although most online reviews about Plantur 39 are generally positive.

Final Thoughts


I noticed a little bit of hair growth after using Plantur 39 and hair loss also stopped as a result of usage after a few weeks. It was clear that Plantur 39 is effective for both hair loss and hair growth, although the results were a bit slow.

You can purchase Plantur 39 for colored and stressed hair for $12.56 at, and the prices may vary depending on your country or location. Plantur 39 is sold by several drugstores and online pharmacies across the world.

 Plantur also offers several other shampoo conditioner and tonic such as Plantur 39 Colour Brown Shampoo, Plantur 21 shampoo conditioner and tonic, and Plantur 39 tonic for hair loss and hair growth. Each of these products is different, but they all share caffeine as their main ingredient.

Plantur 21 Nutri-Caffeine Shampoo, Nutri-Caffeine Elixir, and Nutri-Conditioner are aimed at young users who are experiencing premature hair loss or want to speed up hair growth. Plantur 39 Tonic, on the other hand, is targeted at women who want to reduce hair loss, but don’t want or need to use Plantur 39 shampoo daily. 

The Bottom Line: Should You Buy Plantur?

Many people have had good results using Plantur 39 for hair growth.

There is a reason it is available in so many shops and that is because it is not a scam.

For me personally though I didn't get much results from Plantur39 until I started combining it with a hair growth supplement

Currently I would recommend using Folexin (my recommendation). This is a Biotin supplement that has done wonders for my hair when combining it with Plantur 39.

It is actually cheaper as well when you combine it with my coupon code "FIVE$61899507" at checkout.

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