OGX Fight Fallout Plus – My SURPRISING 2020 Review


Hey girls, today I'm going to be reviewing a product that was recommended to me by my friend. The product is OGX Anti Hair Fallout Shampoo and Conditioner, or you might know it merely as OGX. The product is packed with Caffeine and Niacin3. 

If you don't know what those two things have to do with "Female Hair Loss", then this OGX review is going to be helpful for you.

OGX Conditioner is one of the cheaper Conditioner's out there, but unlike most of the more economical shampoo's, this one is sulfate free! There are also some other cool things inside this bottle that I will be writing about in this OGX Shampoo conditioner review.

Main OGX Fallout Ingredients

If you have read even just one of my other shampoo reviews, then you will know that reading through and analyzing all of the ingredients inside shampoos. It's the best way too figure out if a Hair Growth/Loss product is genuine.

Luckily, everything that is contained inside of OGX Shampoo is clearly labeled in a large font right on the front of the container. I am going to be looking at the Ingredients and doing some research to learn more about if OGX can help with hair loss.


Usually, I get my source of Caffeine in my morning Coffee, but after I started researching how to re-grow hair and stop hair loss, I started learning more about how it is useful. One of the studies I discovered about was a revolutionary study this one from Dr Kurt Wolf that showed that Caffeine is a significant player in the hair loss treatment world.

Dr Kurt Wolf and his associates examined whether or not Caffeine could encourage the hair cells to grow more hair. Follicles from hundreds of human scalps were placed in petri dishes. Then some of these dishes were left untreated while others were treated with Caffeine. 

This experiment demonstrated that hair follicles treated with Caffeine grew at a much faster rate compared to the cells that were left untreated. Due to the results of this revolutionary study, numerous shampoos, sprays and conditioners formulated for treating hair loss include caffeine now. On the flip side, however last year Alpecin was banned from advertising that their Caffeine based product could reduce hair loss. 


OGX Fight Fallout contains Niacin 3 and not just Niacin Caffeine! There are just being a bit cute since Niacin is simply another way of saying Vitamin B3. The B3 vitamin helps to improve the flow of blood to the scalp and boosts energy, which is why Niacin Caffeine is effective in supporting hair growth. It is critical to have a healthy scalp to have healthy hair growth. Peas, avocado, and fish are foods rich in Niacin.

Another vital thing to note about Niacin Caffeine is that it is water-soluble and assists the body with converting food into energy - and why fatigue is one major symptom of having a Niacin deficiency. Niacin is found in foods like mushrooms, nuts, tuna, eggs, and beef.It is contained in this effective shampoo conditioner as well.

Niacin maintains the blood cells structure and improves blood circulation, and this, in turn, provides the hair follicles with more nutrients and oxygen. It has been shown by research that Niacin helps to keep the skin glowing and firm.

It might improve acne as well by enhancing the skin's moisture balance. Niacin helps to improve the skin's appearance and maintain healthy hair growth. Due to Niacin's circulation-boosting properties, it boosts both the thickness of fingernails and hair strands.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)

Several studies were conducted in 2009 in New Jersey on the effects that glycolic acid has on hair shampoo products. It was found by the researchers that AHA also is beneficial to through enhancing the manageability and protection of hair through strengthening, moisturizing, conditioning, and preventing the breakage of hair in both chemically altered (bleached) and healthy hair.

A lubricity (i.e. slick manageability) is created by glycolic acid for hair that makes it easier to detangle and protect hair against various heat styling tools. Glycolic acid also helps to restore the hair strands elasticity and strength. AHAs are perfect for including in hair loss shampoos since they strip products, pollutants, and dirt out without stripping out moisture from the hair. 

Saw Palmetto

This is another primary ingredient in all kinds of hair loss treatments. Native Americans have used Saw Palmetto for hundreds of years for treating baldness, dandruff, and skin problems.

Today's modern science is just beginning to get caught up and implement the native holistic treatment into our medicines and shampoos. Saw Palmetto extract works to restore hair through inhibiting the DHT hormone. DHT is a testosterone byproduct that causes hair follicles on the scalp to dry up and then die. The enemy is DHT - Saw Palmetto fights against it. If you like the sound of Saw Palmetto, I would also recommend trying it in capsule form by taking DHT blocking Propidren Capsules, which has excellent reviews from thousands of people.

Does OGX Fight Fallout Really Work?



It has been noted in positive reviews that over time there is less fallout and more thickening of hair when measured by examining loose hairs contained afterwards in a wide-tooth comb.

  • This shampoo and Conditioner is usually experienced as non-irritating and gentle, with few people reporting breakouts or itching. A majority of people love this shampoo's feel, lather and smell.

  • Over time most people notice more hair volume, and that can help to work against hair appearing to be spotting and thinning. People who have colour-treated hair have not reported any stripping or issues from using OGX Fight Fallout.

  • Several OGX shampoo reviewers noted that they were surprised there were not more favorable, enthusiastic reviews online already, given how affordable this shampoo hair loss treatment product is.


  • Some individuals had a 'meh' experience - OGX Fight Fallout smelled and worked okay, but didn't have a significant impact on hair loss for them.

  • There were very few negative comments found online about this OGX Fight Fallout Shampoo. A couple that I saw appeared to be a reflection of comparing Fight Fallout with more expensive, 'clinical strength' alternatives that were containing more potent ingredients.

My Personal Experience So Far With OGX Fight Fallout

I have used OGX Fight Fallout Plus Niacin for around a week. In the past, I have used other products from Organix (specifically the Kerotin, Coconut oil, and Argan oil ones), since they are sulfate free and are widely available (however, Fight Flight is not available in drug stores and grocery stores yet, so it will have to be ordered online.)

For a sulfate-free product, the Shampoo and Conditioner has an outstanding lather and isn't anywhere near as stick as some of the other sulfate-free products that I have tried.

This week my hair has more volume than average, and that makes me very happy. Also, I don't appear to be having any allergic reactions to any of the product's ingredients - my scalp doesn't have any breakouts. The results weren't that impressive though and my boyfriend said he didn't notice any change.

February 2020 Update

I used the OGX Fight Fallout Shampoo Conditioner for around seven months in 2019 and didn't have great results. 

After trying out a bunch of different hair loss shampoos including OGX Fight Fallout Plus Niacin Caffeine and recently Rogaine For Women which was also okay but not great. 

UPDATE: I recently picked up the OGX Collagen shampoo from my local store in 2020 and have had better hair growth results with that shampoo.

Closing Thoughts

Given the numerous positive reviews online (versus very few negative reviews), the relatively super low cost, especially when compared to female hair shampoo DHT products, along with my positive personal experience to date with this shampoo and Conditioner, I highly recommend it for everyone.

You should also consider trying OGX Fight Fallout Root Spray, which is its sister product, in conjunction with the OGX Fight Fallout plus niacin shampoo and Conditioner.

The Bottom Line: Should You Buy OGX?

OGX Shampoo clearly works and is trusted by many women.

Their product is real and not a scam.

With that being said, my recent experiments show that it falls behind the high standards set by Folexin (my recommendation) which you might have heard of already.

Folexin is a Unisex product, made in the US, has natural ingredients and is easier to use than a shampoo.

Lastly, the results I experienced from Folexin were the best which is why it is my number 1 recommendation right now.

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