Nutrafol Review – Women Share Their (RESULTS)


Since starting this blog nearly 1-year ago, I have tried and reviewed almost every hair supplement out there for women with hair thinning issues. 

Nutrafol is perhaps the most popular supplements out there for both men and women and for a good reason. Their blend of natural ingredients, positive results, and clinically tested studies have all taken this hair growth supplement to where it is today.

But, is it the perfect supplement? During my time reviewing products, I have always managed to find some cons. Does Nutrafol have any? 

Keep reading to the end of this Nutrafol Review 2020 to find out.

What Is Nutrafol?


The Nutrafol Women supplement is a specially designed pill aiming to increase the hair regrowth and improve its health and quality, all naturally, through drug-free ingredients. Its manufacturers, Nutrafol, are a small company dedicated to natural supplements that have specialized in women’s hair supplements, working with doctors to develop hair health products as well as hormonal balance supplements. 

They offer not only women’s but also men’s hair growth supplements and have been carving a great niche for themselves since 2016 when they started trading. 

You can buy Nutrafol for women directly from their website, or you can find it on websites such as Amazon.

As each jar contains 120 capsules, you have a choice of whether you want to buy just the one and see how you get on before committing to a monthly subscription.

The one-off price is $88, but you get a discount for the monthly subscription (currently $79/month on the Nutrafol website).

Nutrafol vs Other Supplements

The most popular supplements to fight hair loss are all capsule-based, somewhat natural, and mostly easily accessible products. However, Nutrafol is different from the most popular products in the market, either through its ingredients list or its target demographic. 

Nutrafol vs Rogaine


Nutrafol is a respected and popular hair loss remedy, holding its own against the best options you might have already heard of, such as Rogaine. Unlike over-the-counter medication like Rogaine, Nutrafol is all-natural and doesn't use the same standardized pharmacy-style approach to hair loss. This is why it will appeal to clients more interested in a natural supplement and those who want to start with prevention rather than treatment.

Another way in which Nutrafol is different from Women's Rogaine is that it focuses on more than one type of treatment. Rogaine is known for stimulating blood circulation to the scalp, but that is its main action. Nutrafol acts in three ways: reducing stress, targeting free radicals, and blocking DHT (the hormonal byproduct of testosterone, which has been linked with hair loss).

Nutrafol vs Hims Hair Loss


Nutrafol is also specially designed for women, which is not something we can say about Rogaine or Hims, for example. These are treatments built with men in mind, so any side effect or hormonal impact will be significant for women taking them.

Hims is also pretty one-sided for the hair loss fighting action, as it just offers anti-DHT effects. They do, however, focus on lots of different products like gummies and shampoos, unlike Nutrafol, who have so far focused specifically on the pill-based supplements.

In terms of customer reviews, it bears stating that Hims is the next best-reviewed product to Nutrafol. It is also less expensive and the range and options offered are quite eye-catching. From $23 for a “power pack” full of the active ingredient finasteride with shampoo and multivitamins included.

Nutrafol vs Viviscal


Finally, another Nutrafol competitor is Viviscal. Another company that has made a name for itself initially with treatments for men, Viviscal now offers hair health supplements specifically marketed to women. They are also cheaper than Nutrafol supplements, as a 3-month supply will only cost you $39.99 /month.

Viviscal focuses its ingredients list on marine collagen and a series of vitamins and minerals as well as biotin, which they claim will nourish hair from within. They are, therefore, also completely drug-free and not really a medication but more of a natural supplement, in the same way, that Nutrafol work. 

They don’t, however, present nearly the same amount of active ingredients as Nutrafol supplements do – which we will review below. The key difference from its three competitors for Nutrafol is that it is a relatively newer product, and the company manufacturing it doesn’t have the same history and weight in the market as, for example, Rogaine does. This is also the reason that Nutrafol doesn’t have a similar level of market presence, although they are recently very active in marketing their products.

Nutrafol Ingredients


Nutrafol Wellness has used a lot of high-quality ingredients for their supplement, so this is certainly an impressive list. There are a couple of proprietary blends that can be argued to be a little more secretive and, therefore, not as transparent as other supplements’ list. Still, in this case, the onus lies on Nutrafol’s in-house doctors to vouch for the effectiveness of the proprietary blends (and, of course, the customer Nutrafol reviews).

Here are the ingredients in Nutrafol, with their claims verified:

Nutrafol Proprietary Blend

A mix of herbs and amino acids, this blend is all-natural and contains ingredients to boost hair growth and health. As usual with a proprietary blend, there is no indication how much of each element has been used, but Nutrafol advise that the ingredients are:

  • L-Cysteine, L-Lysine and L-Methionine – amino acids known for cell regeneration properties and improving the health of hair follicles. However, no direct correlation has been found between the L-Cysteine and L-Methionine and the maintenance of normal hair. L-Lysine can improve your hair density and help new hair grow, especially in conjunction with L-Methionine, but again, this hasn’t been definitively demonstrated in clinical trials. (1)
  • Resveratrol Extract – this is a powerful ingredient extracted from the skin of red grapes and popular for its antioxidant properties; while there is not enough data to confirm its effectiveness, this is an ingredient found in a lot of anti-aging products and customer reviews indicate its effectiveness. (2)
  • Horsetail Extract – apparently rich in minerals to help grow hair, but unsubstantiated with evidence. It does contain silica which should strengthen your hair. (3)
  • Capsimax and Japanese Knotweed Extracts. 
  • Bioperine – this is actually used to increase the availability of nutritional compounds so it makes perfect sense to be included in a supplement as it should help improve the effects of all the ingredients in Nutrafol. (4)

As with all proprietary blends, some of the ingredients may raise a question mark as to their effectiveness and reason to be included.

Synergen Complex

This complex is what Nutrafol advertise as their essential hair health cocktail of potent ingredients, put together by their team of in-house doctors.

Indeed, there are some popular ingredients here which rest somewhat on folklore, but could be effective nonetheless:

  • Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Type I and III – marine collagen will promote the nutrient diffusion in your system, but it’s also known to help anti-aging and plumping and development of healthy hair and skin. As collagen helps moisturize your skin, this ingredient will be beneficial for scalp moisture which in turn should improve the appearance of your hair. (5)
  • Saw Palmetto – there are studies showing a link between this ingredient and the lowering of the hormone DHT which links to damage to hair follicles. Native Americans have used saw palmetto in a variety of natural remedies, among which hair loss. (6)
  • Curcumin – extract from turmeric, which is a natural immunity booster and therefore helps combat external damage to your hair cells and overall health of cells. (7)
  • Ashwagandha – this is a herb which has been shown to act favorably in a few processes such as testosterone boosting, by inhibiting stress hormones and cortisol which can damage your hair. It may also eliminate dandruff and scalp dryness but there aren't a lot of studies out there presently. (8)
  • Tocotrienols Complex – these are chemicals within the Vitamin E family, which supports all brain and body functions. There isn’t really a clear link between them and the health of your hair. (9)
  • Hyaluronic Acid – known for its moisturising and plumping properties for the skin, this ingredient has worked in studies where it was injected into the wrinkles on the skin up to one year. However, there is no scientific link between it and hair growth. (10)

The Synergen Complex has the same issue as the Nutrafol Blend in that we don’t know how much of any of the above ingredients is used, but it does contain some ingredients which are believable in the context of hair growth and preventing hair loss. Overall, this appears to be a strong blend, even if the claims of some of its elements have not been proven through scientific studies.

Vitamins and Minerals (zinc)

Nutrafol have used vitamins A, C and D in the ingredients of Nutrafol for Women. 

As we know, vitamin C works wonders for immunity and health and it also boosts the production of collagen, which is key for any cell development in the body. Therefore, it’s a great ingredient to add in supplements of any type of cell growth or repair.

Vitamin A works with zinc to reduce the clogging and drying of sebaceous glands in your scalp. This is a cause of hair loss and therefore a suitable target for Nutrafol. 

Finally, vitamin D is a classic recommended ingredient for healthy hair, skin and nails. This is because a deficiency of vitamin D leads to damaged hair and weak nails. Nutrafol is therefore addressing this. 

Zinc helps repair tissue and promote cell growth, so it is a supplement frequently used for any regeneration needs. Therefore, it is also beneficial on its own, along with its benefits in conjunction with vitamin A. (11)


This B-complex vitamin helps transform amino acids and fatty acids. It does wonders for supporting hair growth but it has also been found to cause skin breakouts and severe acne, so depending on your reaction to it, it might be an ingredient to avoid. (12)

Iodine from Organic Kelp

Another marine ingredient, kelp are brown seaweed very rich in micronutrients and also iodine. In turn, iodine is linked to your thyroid hormones, a deficiency thereof being linked to hair loss. (13)

Black Pepper Fruit Extract

Adding to the vitamins A and C already existing in Nutrafol, this fruit extract also contains them as well as minerals and other antioxidants. These will help as well in the fight against pollution and ageing effects. Black pepper extract is also a natural antidepressant and Nutrafol actually mention benefits in your mood and vitality as “side effects” of using their supplement. (14)

How To Take Nutrafol


Nutrafol Unboxing

Nutrafol for Women should be taken every day, using 4 pills per day at a time. This will give you a month’s supply in a bottle of 120 capsules.  

As this is a fat-soluble supplement, it should always be taken with food so the fat from normal food combines with its ingredients to get them absorbed into the body.

You can take Nutrafol at any time of day, as long as you take it with some food (so even a small snack like a few nuts would be fine).

Results from Nutrafol vary. Some users report seeing their hair grow or become stronger within a month; some say it’s taken 3-4 months of regular use. This is depending on your own metabolism but also the level of hair cell damage you may have already. You need to be aware of these variations before committing.

According to Nutrafol themselves, they set expectations that, within 3 months, you are simply setting the stage for growth, and only from month 4 of regular intake, you should see your hair growing more. But the vitamins within the formula could potentially lead to stronger and healthier looking hair before that.

There are many before and after pictures and testimonials available online, which do suggest that the 3-month threshold is a reasonable waiting time before you can see any tangible result from taking Nutrafol for Women.

Nutrafol Side Effects

Most of Nutrafol’s ingredients are completely natural and should, therefore, seem safe. However, it’s important to know that any of these, especially in large quantities, can present side effects, depending on your metabolism and personal condition as well.

On their website, Nutrafol mentions that they have conducted a clinical study that hasn’t shown any side effects. However, some customers have mentioned stomach problems and cramps, which can be related to any of the ingredients on the list, which may not sit well with them (and the quantity they are taking). That’s why it would be of great importance to always take Nutrafol with food, as directed, to ensure it’s absorbed correctly into your body.

One of Nutrafol’s ingredients is biotin, which can sometimes cause skin rashes and high blood sugar levels. This has been linked in some users with acne outbreaks, as described above.

A key recommendation is that consult your doctor before starting a prolonged treatment over several months using Nutrafol. They will be able to check allergies and/or dangers arising from your own medical status and let you know if it’s safe to take Nutrafol. 

Consult with a Doctor immediately if you experience any side effects and discontinue use immediately. I am not a Doctor. Do not they Nutrafol if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Nutrafol Reviews Women

nutrafol-before-and-after pictures

Nutrafol Before And After Photos

The vast majority of Nutrafol reviews in 2020 are positive. They currently have over 1,000 reviews with a 4 out of 5-star rating.


Customers have reported their hair thickening, growing faster, and feeling silkier. One customer said in their Nutrafol Review previously having baby fine hair due to menopause, but after taking Nutrafol daily for 3-months, she noticed hair growth.


Other customers have also backed up these claims with similar experiences. One female customer reported in their Nutrafol review, her thinning hair growing back after also using Nutrafol for 4-months.


Nutrafol isn't a perfect product and does not provide hair growth results for everyone. They have their fair share of 1-star reviews just like any other hair supplement.


After taking a look at the 1-star reviews for Nutrafol, it's clear that many customers experienced no hair growth results. The disappointment seems to be further exacerbated by the fact that Nutrafol is a lot more expensive compared to similar hair supplements like Folexin. There is always a risk when buying hair supplements that they may not provide great results for your hair.

Final Thoughts

Nutrafol is, without doubt, one of the most popular hair growth supplements out there today. They managed to promote their products to a lot of people and have a lot of loyal customers.

I can't see any harmful ingredients, and it does look like a real genuine product. It is not a scam, in my opinion. I do, however, think that due to their massive popularity, they can charge a higher price. 

I hope this Nutrafol Review has helped you. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

The Bottom Line: Should You Buy Nutrafol?

Personally, I think that other cheaper and newer supplements like Folexin would be a more cost-effective solution.

Folexin has a lot of the same ingredients and at least that way if you don't get any results for your hair you won't have wasted so much money.

I have been using Folexin for close to 1-year now and my hair has never looked so thick.

Currently they have a promotion if you choose to buy their products in bulk which is what I have taken advantage of.

Nutrafol is definitely not a scam product but it's just a bit too expensive for me.

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