Magnetique Hair Growth Review – Is it a Scam 2020?


Magnetique Hair Growth is a popular hair growth supplement that is available on Amazon, or the company's official website. The manufacturer claims that Magnetique Hair Growth can help support healthier, stronger, and fuller hair, as well as help hair grow faster.

This is mainly based on Magnetique's own formula, is mostly vitamins and minerals. There has been a mixed reception to Magnetique Hair Growth from consumers, so I decided to find out for myself whether it really works or not.

In this in-depth Magnetique Hair Growth Review, I will detail my experience, and explore whether this hair growth product is superb or a scam.

What Is Magnetique Hair Growth?


Magnetique Hair Growth’s manufacturer claims that the product can help the user grow thick and luxurious hair. Most of us want thicker, softer hair whether or not we have suffered from hair loss, however many of us struggle to achieve this. 

According to the official Magnetique Hair Growth website, this product gets you results in just 21 days, and the results will stay with you for a lifetime. 

This is a grand claim indeed, and It is tough to find any proof of this, or any information about the company at all.

Magnetique Hair Growth also claims to utilize an advanced biotin formula, and promises that it can help strengthen split ends and roots. 

Each bottle comes with a month’s supply of tablets. At approximately $36.95, that isn’t too expensive for a hair growth supplement.

Magnetique Hair Growth Reviews


Doesn't look too bad on Amazon.

Some Magnetique Hair Growth reviews claimed that the product helped them.

One user claimed that their stylist noticed and commented on their new hair growth. 

However, this user had one minor complaint - she had the side-effect of an itchy scalp.

Unfortunately, there are also numerous negative reviews. One user said that the Magnetique should not be taken on an empty stomach, and many other reviewers complained of the list of ingredients being inaccurate and the money-back guarantee claim false. Some even went so far as to call Magnetique Hair Growth a scam.

It is important to factor in negative, as well as positive, feedback if you want to make safe and cost-effective purchases.

When it comes to your hair, you want to know that the product you are purchasing and using is to be trusted.

44 Complaints On The Better Business Bureau


One of many disturbing reviews on BBB.

Magnetique Hair Growth seems to have caused controversy at Better Business Bureau - at the time of writing (2020), 44 customers have felt compelled enough to take time to share their terrible experiences.


  • An assortment of helpful vitamins
  • It is available online and from three big retailers
  • The tablets are very easy to take
  • Reasonable price for a month’s supply
  • There are some positive reviews


  • Customer reports of the money-back guarantee being falsely advertised
  • Negative feedback for the company’s customer service
  • Reports of itchy scalp
  • Ingredients list is not unique, and all vitamins can be found in other hair growth products
  • If there are results, they take a long time to become apparent
  • Little information available on the company
  • More reliable hair growth products can be found for cheaper prices

Magnetique Hair Growth Ingredients

Before taking any hair growth supplement, you should always check the ingredients list - this can tell you a great deal about the product’s performance and potential side effects.

There are 10 active ingredients in Magnetique Hair Growth. These include Vitamin B6, Biotin, Vitamin B7, Vitamin C, Calcium, Zinc, and Copper. 

Other ingredients to combat hair loss include Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, and Horsetail Extract.

These ingredients are more unique in hair growth products, but as you can obtain most of them from a conventionally healthy diet, it is doubtful if they are worth the extra cost here. 

There are also cheaper supplements out there that are effective in combating hair loss, with all of these ingredients and more. Folexin is a good example of one of those. 

Vitamins and Minerals

It is true that our hair needs vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Buying a Vitamin and Mineral supplement for hair growth most likely may not have a positive result. That is unless you have a severe Vitamin or Mineral deficiency (1). 


I personally have had great hair growth results using Biotin Supplements like Folexin. There hasn't been a lot of research on Biotin for hair loss but in this study (2) a women with thinning hair took Biotin supplements for 90 Days and the results showed a "significant increase" and a "decrease in hair loss".

Unfortunately the levels of Biotin inside of Magnetique Hair Growth are just too small compared with other Biotin Hair Loss Supplements.

Zinc & Copper

A study was carried out on 312 patients diagnosed with Alopecia Areata. This group contained both Men and Women. Zinc and Copper concentrations were checked in all of the patients and amazingly they found that the concentrations of Zinc were lower compared to a separate control group (3). Magnetique however contains lower amounts of Zinc & Copper compared to just buying a cheaper stand alone separate Zin or Copper supplement.


I did find one study that tested topically applied Niacin on 60 women with with Female Pattern Alopecia. After 6 months of application they found a "statistically significant increase in hair fullness" (4). 6 months is long time to use a Hair Growth product for results and if you are using Magnetique Hair Growth for 6 months then it's not going to be cheap either. The study also concluded with while it offered promise they mentioned it warranted further study.

Horsetail Extract

I have tried many different Hair Growth products with Horsetail Extract. It seems to be an increasingly popular Hair Loss Ingredient. There aren't many studies online for Horsetail

Extract despite how much it is used in products. Viviscal wrote a blog post about Horsetail Extract For Hair (5). They didn't link out to any major studies though and just mentioned that it Horsetails was rich in minerals for hair and that it contained silicon.

How To Take Magnetique Hair Growth

The good news is that taking the Magnetique Hair Growth supplement is simple and easy. There are 60 capsules per $37 bottle - a month’s supply. The pills are to be taken orally, twice a day. Thankfully, the pills are not too big, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting them down. 

However, some customers have complained about the size of the pills, saying that they can be a little difficult to swallow. If you’re not used to taking pills, you might have trouble with this one.

My Results

Before trying this product, my hair was rapidly thinning and falling out, and what was left was dry and brittle. As somebody who had always had thick, soft hair, this sudden hair loss was unexpected and devastating for my self-confidence. I knew something was wrong, so I decided to find a solution. I came across Magnetique Hair Growth (as one of many products I have tried over the last year to promote hair growth), and decided to give it a try. 

My results were mixed. There were some things that I liked about it, but many things that I did not. I liked the fact that I only needed to take two pills a day, although they were a little too big for me and I had some difficulty swallowing them. I felt that the price wasn’t too high, and I would have said that the price was very reasonable if the product had provided me with better results.

It took a whole month’s supply before I started seeing results - and the results were hardly awe-inspiring. My hair had indeed improved to some degree - was not as dry as it was before - however, it was still falling out. Therefore, I unfortunately can’t recommend Magnetique Hair Growth as a solution to hair loss.

The customer service was also extremely limited, and the company was hard to contact and get hold of. Overall, I would have to recommend staying away from this company and their products - there are better solutions out there if you don’t want to be disappointed.

Magnetique Hair Growth Side Effects

I didn’t experience many negative side effects - however, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any. Some people have claimed that using this product resulted in an itchy scalp. 

Other customers have warned against taking the product on an empty stomach, as some complained of stomach issues. It also best to avoid this if you are pregnant or under the age of 18.

Make sure to consult a medical professional if you experience any side effects. I am not a medial professional and nothing in this review is medical advice. 


Magnetique Hair Growth seems on the surface to be a good hair growth supplement. I don't think that it is a scam.

However, the money-back guarantee that is advertised doesn’t appear to actually be given to many users and there appears to be some side effects for some customers.

According to some users, it can take anywhere from 4 months or longer to see the results which is a long time.

After trying and testing many different hair growth products, my personal recommendation for combatting hair loss is Folexin.

Folexin provided me with the best results at a cheaper price than most of the other alternatives. I hope that this review of Magnetique Hair Growth product was useful to you.

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