Magnetique Hair Growth Review – Is it a Scam 2019?


Magnetique Hair Growth is a comprehensive hair growth supplement that is moderately priced. The Magnetique Hair Growth supplement is available through Amazon and the company's official website. By purchasing a single bottle of Magnetique Hair Growth, the customer will receive a 30 day supply. Magnetique Hair Growth claims that the product can help support healthier and fuller hair. It also claims that it can help the user growth their hair and make it stronger.

Overall, the product is mainly based on a Magnetique's formula, which is mostly Vitamins and minerals like Rejuvalex. Sadly, there have been a lot of complaints about Magnetique Hair Growth, and this is something consumers will want to consider before handing over their money.

Many say that Magnetique Hair Growth is a scam. You have to be very cautious when making the purchase. Otherwise, you're going to be very disappointed. It may be best not to buy this product. Within this in-depth Magnetique Hair Growth Review, you're going to learn more about this sham product and the reasons you should stay away from it.

What Is It?


Magnetique Hair Growth claims that it can help the user grow thick and luxurious hair. This is something that all women want. However, it is something that many struggle to obtain. That is a severe problem, but this product may help. According to the official website, the customer will be able to get the results they’re after in just 21 days. And, it claims that the results will stick around for a lifetime. It is tough to find anything about the company but there is a lot of speculation regarding the company’s products.

For instance, Magnetique Hair Growth claims to utilize an advanced biotin formula. It also promises that it can help strengthen split ends and roots. Finally, the website suggests that you’re going to be working with a high-performance formula. Again, this product isn’t going to live up to the hype. Therefore, you have to be very careful when making the purchase. If you want to regrow your hair, you can try Magnetique Hair Growth. It might help, but you’re going to be taking a lot of risks.

Again, you’ll receive a month’s supply per bottle. That is going to cost you approximately $37. With that being said, it isn’t too expensive. It is a shame that it doesn’t live up to the hype.

Customer Magnetique Hair Growth Reviews


Doesn't look too bad on Amazon.

So, what are previous users saying about this hair loss supplement? This is one of the best ways to determine whether or not the product is going to work for you. Some Magnetique Hair Growth reviews suggest that the product is going to help. One user claimed that it was a confidence booster for them. They had one minor complaint, and that was an itchy scalp. That reviewer went on the claim that their stylist was able to notice the new hair growth. Another user confirmed that their hair was growing too. One user said that the product should not be taken on an empty stomach. Unfortunately, there are more negative reviews than positive ones.

It is pertinent to weigh the negative and positive Magnetique Hair Growth Reviews to determine what you’re going to get in the end. Negative reviews mainly speak about the ingredients list. The reviewers claim that the list of ingredients is inaccurate. They also say that the money-back guarantee is bogus.

This dramatically increases the risks involved with purchasing this hair loss product. If you want to be safe, you should avoid buying this product. It is too risky, and the reviews confirm this. There are much better ways to regrow your hair. Do not rely on products that may very well be scams or you’re going to regret it.

44 Complaints On The Better Business Bureau


One of many disturbing reviews on BBB.

Magnetique Hair Growth seems to have lit a fire over at the Better Business Bureau. Currently, in 2019, over 40 customers have been left compelled enough to take time to share the terrible experiences. Reading some of the reviews over there is shocking.


Ultimately, there are few things to like about this hair loss product. It is entirely safe, so you’re not going to experience any health issues while consuming this product. Simultaneously, you can rest assured, knowing that the product contains mostly natural ingredients. It is mainly made of vitamins. The price point is right on target too. There are cheaper alternatives out there, but most people will be able to afford this product. Below, you’re going to find a breakdown of the most notable pros associated with this hair growth product.

  • Will provide you with many helpful vitamins
  • Many reviewers like the product
  • It is available online and from three big retailers
  • Very easy to take
  • A month’s supply isn’t too expensive
  • It may help some people


Unfortunately, there are more cons than pros. This is the main reason that Magnetique Hair Growth should be avoided at all costs. On the surface, it looks like the product is going to work great for hair loss, but it likely will not. After all, it contains nothing more than a bunch of vitamins. You’ll be better off looking for a more effective alternative. Otherwise, you’re going to be throwing your money away on this one. On top of that, it is going to give you an itchy scalp.

This product isn’t the best on the planet, and it probably won’t provide you with the results that you’re after. Therefore, you should be cautious before making the purchase. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the pros and cons before handing your money over or you’re going to regret it. Below, you’ll learn a great deal more about the cons associated with the Magnetique Hair Growth Supplement.

  • Ultimately, the money back guarantee has scam reports
  • The company’s customer service is horrible
  • This hair loss product could give you an itchy scalp
  • The list of ingredients could be wrong
  • It probably isn’t going to help everyone
  • If there are results, they take too long to become obvious
  • Company seems very shady
  • There are better alternative hair loss products for cheaper


Before taking any hair growth product, you should take the time to learn about the ingredients. This can tell you a great deal about the product’s performance and potential side effects. So, what are the main ingredients with this product? Well, you should know that there are 10 active ingredients. They include Vitamin B6, Biotin Vitamin B7, Vitamin C, Calcium, Zinc, and Copper. 

Other hair loss ingredients include Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, and Horsetail Extract. These ingredients are unique, but they’re not worth the extra price. You can obtain many of these things from your conventional diet. Alternatively, you can acquire them from cheaper hair loss supplements. With that being said, you have to consider whether or not the price is worth it. Many will agree that it is not. After all, these ingredients are not groundbreaking. Most of them are vitamins and nothing else. This makes the product somewhat pointless.

How To Take It

The good news is that consuming Magnetique Hair Growth is going to be easier than you could ever imagine. As mentioned numerous times above, you’re going to receive 60 capsules per bottle. That will cost you right around $37. This will provide you with a month’s supply. With that being said, you’re going to be required to take two pills a day. The pills can be taken orally, and they’re not too big. Therefore, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting them down. Just remember that the results are not going to show up overnight. This product is recommended for incredibly patient people.

If you’re not a patient individual, you’re never going to get the results you’re after. There is a good chance that you’re going to run through an entire bottle without seeing any noticeable results. Therefore, it can take anywhere from 4 months or longer to see the results for your hair loss that you’re after. Some people will not experience any results whatsoever. 

It is too slow, and it isn’t nearly as effective as the company claims it is. Some people have complained about the size of the pills. Ultimately, some people will not mind them too much, but others will. With that being said, they can be a little difficult to swallow. If you’re not used to taking pills, you might have trouble with this one. 

My Results

I tried experimenting with Magnetique Hair Supplements for my hair loss. My results were mixed. There were some things that I liked about it, but there are many things that I did not. I liked the fact that I was only required to consume two pills a day. That was very helpful. The pills were a little too big for me. I had some difficulty swallowing them, and that was very annoying. I felt that the price wasn’t too high. If I were able to get better results, I would have said that the price was reasonable. Unfortunately, this isn’t a product that I can recommend again for hair loss.

Before trying this product, my thinning hair was falling out. It was dry and brittle. I knew something was wrong, so I decided to find a solution. I ran across Magnetique and decided to give it a try for my hair loss. Well, it took a whole month’s supply before I started seeing results. And I can say that the results weren’t awe-inspiring. My hair had indeed improved to some degree. It was not as dry as it was before. However, it was still falling out. Therefore, I cannot recommend it for hair loss.

I wish it had worked better, but it did not. Don’t get me started on the customer service. It was mediocre at best. With that being said, I recommend staying away from this company and their products. It wasn’t right for me, and I doubt it is going to be right for you either. If you want better results, you’ll want to find a different solution to the problem.

I wasn’t impressed with the results, and I don’t think you will be either. I would recommend in this review that you stay away from this product. This is the best way to avoid being disappointed in the end.

Side Effects

I didn’t experience too many negative side effects, and that is a good thing. However, this doesn’t mean that there are aren’t any. There are some, and you have to know about them before agreeing to consume this product. For instance, some people have said that this product is going to result in an itchy scalp. This can be good, though. After all, you’re going to believe that the product is working when your head begins to itch. At the same time, you have to worry about taking the product on an empty stomach. There is a good chance that it will result in an upset stomach.

As long as you know, as these side effects listed in this review, you can likely avoid them without too much trouble. Take your time and be cautious. This will ensure that you’re able to avoid them and get the results that you want. Just remember that you probably will not get the results from this product.


Ultimately, Magnetique seems to be a good hair growth product on the surface. However, things being to change when you look beneath the surface. You will quickly see that this hair loss product isn’t going to cut it. It is not going to provide you with the results that you’re after. You’re going to be throwing your money away, and you can guarantee that the money-back guarantee isn’t going to help. With that being said, you should stay away from this hair loss product. If you do not, you’re going to be disappointed with your investment. Sadly, this product is too expensive for what it does.

You might a much better time using an alternative like Folexin since this product provided me with better results. You won’t be spending as much. Be sure to check out the hair loss alternatives because you’re going to get better results with them instead of this one.

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