Lipogaine Review – My 2020 Experience


Lipogaine is a company that creates products to fight against hair loss. They have hair loss shampoo’s for both men and women and also sell a micro needling roller. In this review I will be covering their ingredients, customer testimonials and side effects before finally revealing my conclusion.

The thing that makes it stand apart from similar treatment solutions is that it works through both stimulating hair growth and reducing DHT levels similar to the Tricomin shampoo. Lipogaine uses a combination of a proprietary herbal blend of vitamins and DHT blockers along with hair growth stimulator in one formula. Unlike Tricomin though Lipogaine is a more cost-effective solution since it lasts a lot longer and is cheaper.

This is how it can deliver a robust double punch for fighting hair loss. Another significant benefit that Lipogaine provides is that they offer minoxidil product versions for women to accommodate various hair loss needs.

I have tried so many Hair Loss products in the past and wasted a lot of money. This review of Lipogaine is going to be based on my own experience, and I will write nothing but the absolute truth.

How does Lipogaine actually work?


If you have already done a bit of research on hair loss, you will probably know that high levels of DHT are the cause for the vast majority of female hair loss. I eventually found out that was the case for me as well.

DHT attaches onto to hair follicles to deprive them of necessary nutrition, which causes them to shrink, and fall out eventually. That only leaves two options: Stimulate growth or reduce DHT levels.

The amazing thing is that Lipogaine does both of these things! It reduces DHT levels and stimulates hair growth by combining natural proven DHT blockers and minoxidil into one solution.

Lipogaine's ingredient profile is outstanding, and I did research to gain a better understanding of each one's importance. I highly recommend for you to do this also.

How to use Lipogaine


Back when I started using Lipogaine all I did was wake up about 6am and straight away apply the Lipogaine to my dry hair.

I spread it at the front of my hair-line where I was losing my hair. At about 9am I would then have my morning shower, and that is what I did for 6 months.

Just squeeze out a small amount onto the scalp of the area your hair is thinning and spread it around a little bit and let it absorb in your scalp.

That process usually takes me about 60 seconds, and there is no odor, and it's not even noticeable to others meaning I could also take a walk to get a morning coffee while I was waiting for it to absorb.

Did Lipogaine work me?

To make a long story short, the answer for me was not really. Lipogaine did eventually stop and regrow my thinning hair but the results didn't last.

Minoxidil, the main ingredient in Lipogaine, is the only hair re-growth ingredient that currently is FDA approved and it has been proven by rigorous clinical studies that Minoxidil stimulates hair growth. After using Lipogaine daily for 6 months, the results that I achieved over using other shampoo's was not that impressive.

After only the first 2 months, I did notice some early results, but it didn't continue to maintain and thicken my hair. The thinning that I experience started on the centre of my hairline. When I added Lipogaine as a main aspect of my treatment routine, my hairline began to grow back in quite a short period but when I stopped using the shampoo so did the results.

Using Lipogaine with other genuine products and avoiding chemical irritants didn't have much of an effect for me. Nobody can say that Lipogaine will 100% work for you in 2020 though, and I will explain more on that later.

Is Lipogaine for men or women?


One of the unique things about Lipogaine is that it isn't just a uni-sex product. They have taken the time to make a version created just for women. The female version has a lower amount of Minoxidil at just 2% while the version for men has 5%.

The lower amount is more than enough for women and I wouldn't suggest using anything higher than that since women are more sensitive to minoxidil's side effects in reducing blood pressure and they have a greater chance of the medication making them light-headed. That is a nice segway onto the side effects of Lipogaine so let's take a look.

Lipogaine Side Effects

For me personally when I used Lipogaine the side effects were minimal and definitley worth the benefits. For the first week or so everything was perfect and there was no side effects. I thought it was going to be like that the whole time. Eventually though my scalp did start to feel a little bit irritated and itchy.

If that happens to you then you 100% need to see your Doctor asap! One of the ingredients in Lipogaine is Alcohol and I think the prolonged use of that was what made my scalp irritated. As I mentioned earlier though my hair did grow back and when I stopped using the cream, the irritation dissapeared which was great.

Although it is rare, there are some individuals who might experience dizziness, faintness, or chest pains. If that occurs, you definitely should immediately stop using the product.

Side effects of Lipogaine are such a minor issue that it was the only one of the hair loss products whose side effects didn't have any negative impact whatsoever on me deciding to use it I wouldn't even mention them, but this is a review of Lipogaine, so I thought all relevant information should be included.

If you are allergic to regular liquid minoxidil, there is a sensitive scalp version that is offered by Lipogaine. The women's version comes in blue packaging. Lipogaine says that the product is free of any ingredients that can cause scalp irritation for 98% of individuals. So you are definitely covered! Looking back I wish I just bought this version.

As previously mentioned, there are not many side effects associated with Lipogaine, but there may be occasional scalp irritation and itching. That most likely will occur in individuals with sensitive scalps, and obviously that was taken into consideration by Lipogaine and this version of the product was developed as an alternative option. It is excellent to see a company looking out for all of their customers needs.

Lipogaine Ingredients

The best way to assert if a hair growth product is genuine is too look at the ingredients. On their official website they state their product contains the following:

  • Minoxidil
  • Azetinol
  • Castor Oil
  • Caffeine
  • Saw Palmetto Extract
  • Biotin
  • Argan Oil
  • Emu Oil
  • Retinol

I also believe that their lipogaine hair loss products contain Beta sitosterol and oleic acid. The only DHT blocker in their product is Azetinol.

Where can you buy Lipogaine?


I bought Lipogaine on the official Lipogaine website, but you can also get it on eBay, Amazon and some other sites. You should shop around because the prices change a lot. Depending where you live you can also use either the US or Lipogaine UK website.

They delivered my package quickly, and I never had any issues with my order. Free domestic shipping is offered, and all of the Lipogaine products are available to order.

I prefer to buy directly from Lipogaine since they are quick to respond to any questions right away and if anything ever goes wrong with my package, I guess it easier for them to track down.

Lipogaine Big 3 Shampoo - Complete The Solution

A great shampoo solution is also provided by Lipogaine - the shampoo contains a combination of natural ingredients, and it focuses on the major 3; emu oil, caster oil, and Biotin.

It has been shown that those three ingredients are effective in combating hair loss and when combined with extracts and vitamins, means Lipogaine Big 3 shampoo is an excellent option for working into your regular regimen.

The shampoo is intended to use about 3-4 times a week and is a great choice for rotating with another shampoo like Alpecin, which combats hair loss with its caffeine ingredient.

Many users have praised the Lipogaine Big 3 shampoo, and they claim they also like how their hair feels after using it and its scent. It definitely could be worth checking out as another method for keeping hair loss under control and providing you with another affordable resource.

My Closing Thoughts


Lipogaine works a lot better than any other hair growth products that I have used. It is straightforward to apply and to buy from the Lipogaine online store. It also has no to little side effects apart from the scalp issue I mentioned. Another similar excellent shampoo is one from Ultrax, it had good effects on my hair.

As I have explained, hair growth is a prolonged process, and you have to be consistent and patient to achieve results. However, I started to see results after 1-2 months of starting to use Lipogaine that blew me away, and I recommend it for anybody looking for an effective and reliable product for treating hair loss. If you were searching for an honest review of Lipogaine, I can honestly say from my own experience, that this product works.

The Bottom Line: Should You Buy LipoGaine?

Lipogaine is clearly straightforward to use and a well known product.

It uses real ingredients for hair loss and doesn’t try to fake anything.

With that being said, my personal experience shows that it wasn’t perfect for me and falls behind the high standards set by Folexin (my recommendation) which you might have heard of already.

Folexin is FDA approved which makes it safe for women, has a 90-day money back guarantee, all-natural ingredients, is cheaper and being a supplement makes it easier to use than a shampoo.

Lastly, the results I experienced from Folexin were the best which is why it is my number 1 recommendation right now.


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