Hims Hair Growth Review – I don’t like this company


At some point, there is a risk that you’re going to start experiencing hair loss. When this happens, your self-esteem is going to take a big hit. Thankfully, you should know that you can fix this hair loss problem without too much effort.

As long as you’re able to revamp your diet and begin using the right hair growth supplements, you’ll be ready to start regrowing your hair immediately. This is why many people are looking at Hims Hair. Some suggest that this is the best way to promote hair growth. Is this the case?

Unfortunately, a lot is going against Hims Hair. For instance, the product has received a lot of negative reviews of the years, and this should be enough to give you concern. At the same time, you should know that customer care is very disappointing. This is why many consumers have decided to refer to this product as a rip-off. With that being said, there is a good chance that Hims Hair is a complete scam. Is it a hair loss scam that should be avoided at all costs?

You’re about to find out within this in-depth Hims Hair Growth Review.

What Is Hims Hair


One thing to note is that this is not a singular hair loss product. It contains many products. While there are three products in all, they’re combined in four convenient packages. The prices are reasonable for all three kits too. With Hims Hair Growth, you’re going to have access to a Finasteride, Shampoo, Minoxidil, and Gummies. However, you’re not going to get everything in each kit. If you want everything, you’ll need to pay the maximum and invest in the Complete Kit. With the non-prescription kit, you’ll receive everything except for the Finasteride. Or, you can choose the edible kit. This will provide you with the Finasteride and Gummies.

It is good to have options. Either way, you should know that the prices are going to range from $28 to $44. If you want the best hair growth results, you’ll want to invest in the Complete Kit. Otherwise, you should downgrade and save yourself some money. Even if you do go with the complete kit, there is a risk that you’re not going to get the results that you’re after. Remember that these products are designed for male pattern hair loss. The ingredients they possess claim that they should be sufficient for the purpose.

However, working with the company may not be worth it. Therefore, you should learn a great deal more about this product and the company behind it before agreeing to throw your money down the drain.



Before going any further, you should take the time to learn more about the ingredients provided with these products. In total, there are four products to choose from. You should know that each product is based on a specific ingredient. The ingredients are good but not great. Therefore, they may not provide you with the results that you’re after. Two are classic ingredients that have been used for hair loss for many years. While you’re at it, you should know that there are no herbal extracts or anything out of the ordinary.


One of the most essential ingredients is Finasteride. This ingredient is specifically designed to prevent male pattern hair loss. The FDA has approved it. It has been proven time and again that Finasteride can help block DHT, which is a hormone that results in hair loss and going bald. The only problem is that this ingredient is not going to help all men. At the same time, you should know that you’re going to need a prescription to purchase it. Therefore, it is a pain. If you want to buy Finasteride from Hims Hair, you’ll be required to get a prescription first.


Minoxidil is another crucial ingredient in this product. This is a topical solution that must be applied directly to the scalp. It is effective for stopping hair loss. This specific ingredient is capable of regrowing new hairs. The only problem here is that you have to use this product for the rest of your life. Otherwise, you’re not going to get any noticeable results. The shampoo from Hims can help reduce DHT in the scalp.


The gummy vitamins contain biotin. On the surface, it would appear that the gummy vitamins product would be able to help for hair growth. The vitamins included are beneficial for hair growth and general health. Kerotin Hair Growth Formula is another hair loss product with many vitamins.

How To Use It

So, how do you use Hims Hair for hair growth? Well, it depends on which product you’re talking about. Again, you should know that there are four products in all. Some are easier to use than others. If you’re dealing with the gummies, you’re not going to have any problem whatsoever using them.

You need to throw them in your mouth and start chewing. They taste pretty good, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting them down. You’ll also have Finasteride pills. Remember that you have to get a prescription to obtain these pills. This isn’t too big of a problem since the pills will be easy to swallow and you only need to take one a day.
Even if you do not have access to water, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to get the pills down. With the gummies, you’ll need to consume two a day. They’re easy to chew, and they taste very sweet. The only problem here is the fact that you have to obtain a prescription to get this product. The lotions are much easier to use. This includes the bottle of shampoo and the Minoxidil. With the Minoxidil, you’ll need to apply the lotion once or twice a day. It isn’t very greasy so you won’t have much trouble using it.

The shampoo is pretty easy to use too. Remember that you should let it sit on your hair for a minute or so before rinsing it. Using the shampoo and Minoxidil is very easy. If you’re trying to get the best results without jumping through too many hoops, you’ll want to rely on these products most.


Now, you should take the time to analyze the price. After all, this is the most crucial factor for a lot of consumers. They want to make sure that they’re able to get the best results at a reasonable price. This is one of the good things about Hims’ Hair. When compared to many of the alternatives, you will find that these products are inexpensive. Again, you have to order the products in kits. With the complete kit, you’ll receive all four products. With the edible kits, you’ll only get the Finasteride and the Gummies. The prices range from $28 to $44. That is very inexpensive.

The products are good, so they’re worth it. However, you’re going to be dealing with a horrible company. Therefore, you may want to avoid buying these hair loss products. There are too many risks involved with dealing with Hims’ Hair.

Customer Reviews


Before placing an order, you should read the customers reviews. It can help you determine whether or not it is going to be worth the money. Therefore, you should know that these products have received a lot of bad reviews. Some people claim that Finasteride is going to cause a lot of problems. They say that it has led to severe side effects. Others complain about the company’s membership fees. They claim that they’ve been overcharged over the past few months without their knowledge.


Most consumers that placed an order agree that the company has very shady practices, and this is something you’ll want to be very cautious about. There are a few positive reviews. They claim that the company offered a refund when they paid and were charged extra for no reason. Still, most of the hims hair growth reviews are negative.

Side Effects

Ultimately, most of the products provided by Hims’ Hair should be very safe. However, there is a risk that you’re going to experience some side effects. This is something you’ll have to be careful about from the very beginning. If you’re not, you might do yourself more harm than good. Finasteride is a big problem. It can cause a lot of adverse side effects, and it isn’t going to help every man out there. You also need to remember that you have to obtain a prescription to buy it. Therefore, it is a big problem and should be avoided at all costs.

Finasteride can lead to significant problems like dizziness, weakness, and lowered libido. While it might be able to help regrow your hair, it might not be worth it. If you’re afraid of taking these risks, you should avoid using these products. At the very least, you should stay away from the Finasteride. Otherwise, you should be fine with the alternatives.

You also have to worry about the sugar found in the vitamin gummies. They contain a lot of sugar, and that can lead to major problems. Too much sugar can lead to high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, insulin resistance, and obesity. With this in mind, I would avoid the gummies too. If you’re going to order a bottle of the gummies, you should not consume sugar in any other form. Otherwise, the gummies could cause more problems without delivering adequate results.


When you take a look at Hims Hair, you will find that the hair loss products are excellent. They can indeed work exceptionally well. However, you should know that they’re not always going to help. On top of that, you’re going to be working with a very shady company. Therefore, you have to be very careful about this. You need to make sure that the pros outweigh the cons before placing an order. If you do not, you might be throwing your money away.

  • Price is right on target​
  • You can get access to a prescription medication​
  • They can work with a little patience
  • The side effects for most products aren’t too bad
  • Everything is very easy to use


Sadly, there are more cons than pros. A lot of the pros are closely associated with the company in question. With that being said, you should be very cautious about this product. Make sure that you’re aware of the potential cons before making the investment. Below, you will learn more about the cons associated with the four products from Hims Hair.

  • You’ll need a prescription for the Finasteride
  • The Finasteride can cause a lot of negative side effects
  • The Gummies contain a lot of sugar
  • The results will come very slowly
  • The company is very shady
  • You might be charged for something you don’t want
  • Customer Care is not great

Conclusion 6/10

Initially, it would appear that Hims Hair Growth is an excellent company with excellent products. Only part of that is genuine. The products are pretty good. They can help men who are dealing with hair loss. However, they’re not perfect, and the company is terrible. Therefore, you have to be very careful when placing an order here. If you do so haphazardly, there is a good chance that you’re going to regret your decision in the future. You have to understand that Finasteride is very dangerous. You should avoid it. Simultaneously, you should know that Hims Hair has many shady business activities.

They might try to rip you off, and the customer service is horrible. With this in mind, you should go with a better, safer alternative. This is where Folexin enters the picture. This product might work better, and it could give you quicker results. Be sure to check it out, so you don’t have to bother with the horrible staff at Hims Hair!

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