Hims Hair Growth Review – Problems with shipping?


I recently came across Hims Hair Loss products after my husband brought it up with me. He knows I run this blog as a hobby and wanted to get my opinion. On the surface, their marketing looks impressive and products aesthetically pleasing but what counts is whether or not their products work safely or not.

In this Hims Hair Review, I will be looking at what this product is, the ingredients, how to use it, side effects and other customer reviews. You will be able to make an informed decision at the end.

What Is Hims Hair?

Hims sells multiple different products for men. These include products for premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety. My husband definitely doesn't need any help in these areas. It's just the bald patch and a receding hairline that he wants to try and fix.

Currently, Hims Hair sells a complete hair loss kit for $44.00 which includes Finasteride Pills, DHT Blocking Shampoo, Minoxidil Drops and Vitamin Gummies. You can also buy these products in other bundles and the Finasteride pills separately.

It's not the most cost-effective solution since just the Finasteride Pills alone cost $28.50, and you would assume that using all of the hair loss products together would be the best option for hair growth?

Is that really what you want to do, though? Let's take a look at the ingredients inside Hims Hair Loss.

Ingredients & Side Effects

The best way to find out if a hair loss product is to first look at the ingredients inside of the products. Some Hair Growth products only have minuscule amounts of ingredients, useless ingredients or even worse. Ingredients that make your Hair Loss even worse. Since starting this blog, I have seen it all. 

Hims Hair Finasteride Pills


Finasteride is an ingredient specifically designed to prevent male pattern hair loss, and the FDA has approved it (1). It has been proven that Finasteride can help block DHT (2), which is a hormone that results in hair loss and going bald (3). If that sounds great so far and too good to be true, then you will want to keep on reading. If you wish to purchase Finasteride from Hims Hair, you will require a prescription. 

Finasteride's side effects include Erectile Dysfunction (yes, they've got a product for that), Depression, Male Infertility and even breast cancer in rare cases. That is not the whole list, either! There are other terrifying symptoms and Women/Kids should not take Finasteride under any circumstances (4). I love my husband so much, and I still think he is handsome with his thinning hair. There is no way I would let him take these Hims Hair Finasteride Pills. I just don't think the risks are worth it.

Hims Hair Minoxidil Drops


Minoxidil is a well known Hair Growth ingredient used in products like Rogaine. Both Men and Women can use it with hair loss. This is a topical solution that must be applied directly to the scalp. It is effective for stopping hair loss (5) and is capable of regrowing new hairs (6). While Minoxidil has been shown to be beneficial for hair loss, the main issue is that once you start taking it, you cannot stop. As soon as you stop using the drops, your Hair Growth results will most likely also stop.

It also comes with side effects like scalp irritation, chest pain, swelling in your hands or feet and more. It's also said to take around four months for any Hair Growth results to take effect, which makes it quite costly (7). My husband said he would pass on trying this option.

Hims Hair Biotin Gummies


The Hims Hair Gummy Vitamins contain Biotin and are priced at $16.00, which is quite cheap. On the surface, it would appear that these Biotin gummies vitamins would be able to help for hair growth (8). They also contain iron, calcium, potassium, various vitamins and folic acid. 

Unfortunately, they are very sweet and contain quite a lot of sugar. Kerotin Hair Growth Formula is another hair loss product with many similar vitamins. Still, I would have to say that by far the best Biotin Hair Growth Supplement for both guys and girls is Folexin which contains no sugar. That is based on my personal hair growth results.

Hims Hair Shampoo & Conditioner


When I first wrote this Hims Hair Review, these two products were not released. Hims now sell a Shampoo & Conditioner which you can buy in combo for $33.00. The main ingredient included here is Saw Palmetto (9) which is claimed to work for Hair Loss by reducing levels of DHT the hair follicle killer (10). My husband ended up buying these, and they smell great, I do think they have made my husband's hair thicker, but that is just my personal opinion. I also occasionally like to use the conditioner when he isn't around.

How To Use Hims Hair

So, how do you use Hims Hair for hair growth? Well, it depends on which product you’re talking about. Again, you should know that there are four products in all. Some are easier to use than others. If you’re dealing with the gummies, you’re not going to have any problem whatsoever using them.

You need to throw them in your mouth and start chewing. They taste pretty good, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting them down. You should take these twice per day.

You’ll also have Finasteride pills. Even if you do not have access to water, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to get the pills down. They are small and easy to swallow. You should consult a medical professional to get a correct and safe dosage.

The lotions are much easier to use. This includes the bottles of Conditioner / Shampoo. Just let it sit in your hair for a minute or so before rinsing it. 

With the Minoxidil, you’ll need to apply the lotion once or twice a day.

Hims Hair Customer Reviews

At the time of writing this Hims Hair Growth Review in 2019, the company does not have any of their hair loss products for sale on Amazon. This makes it difficult to find genuine reviews. It is also not possible to leave a public review on their Facebook Page.


Austin had good things to say about Hims Hair

They do, however, like to post to their Facebook Page with related Hair Growth content and through that, customers often leave feedback. Austin left a comment saying that after eight months he noticed a "Huge Improvement". He says that when "his hair is shorter you can really see the improvements". He did not mention what Hims Hair Growth products he was using for to stop his hair loss.


Chuck had some issues with his Hims Hair Oorder

Not every single Hims Hair review is positive, though. Chuck left a comment stating that he placed an order for Hims Hair over a month ago and had still not received his package. Someone from Hims Hair did respond to him and said they would help. That is still a little bit worrying though. 1 month is a long time to wait for a Hair Loss product when every day your hair is falling out.


Over on Reddit, somebody else sheds some more light the problem with Hims Hair right now. They mention that the company is backlogged with too many orders. This person they had been waiting for three weeks for their package. It may be best to order from Hims Hair until they fix this problem.


The Day You Stop Taking Finasteride Is The Day You Go Bald According To This Guy

Skelbel on Reddit said that he had been taking Finasteride for eight years. During that time he claims he regrew about 15% - 20% of his lost hair and that he hasn't had any more hair loss. He said the day he stops taking the Finasteride pills is the day he will go bald. That is why he has been taking it for eight years.


  • Hims Hair prices are cheaper compared to a lot of other hair loss brands and the kits provide a discount.
  • Hims Hair have a lot of different hair growth products to choose from.


  • Delivery is incredibly slow right now 
  • Customer support isn't great
  • You need a prescription for the Hims Hair Finasteride Pills
  • The Finasteride Side Effects are scary
  • Hard to find real customer reviews.
  • Hims Hair Gummies contain a lot of sugar


Hims Hair Growth is an excellent company with excellent products. The products are pretty good. They can help men who are dealing with hair loss. However, they're not perfect though.

The issues with shipping and customer service right now is stopping my husband from placing more orders with them. He got the Shampoo & Conditioner in good time, but we just don't want to order anything else right now.

My husband agrees with me and said that he didn't want to take the Finasteride Pills. For me, the Side Effects are terrifying. Even if you don't experience any side effects, you will still have to take the pills for many years. That isn't cheap. 

Hims Hair is a cool company taking the stigma out of male health issues, and I think they are on a good trajectory. Right now, though, I wouldn't recommend them. I will check back on them though in the future, though.

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