Harvey and Coco Root Rehab Review


Like most other females suffering from hair loss, I too started looking for biotin supplements to make my hair stronger and prevent hair loss.

I’ve already tried many hair products reviewed on femalehairlossreview.com which didn’t work for me such as Women's Rogaine shampoo, Tricomin shampoo/conditioner, and Propidren vitamin supplements for hair loss. 

Today I am going to check if Harvey & Coco Root Rehab biotin capsules can be more effective for hair growth.

Harvey & Coco Root Rehab Reviews


Harvey & Coco Root Rehab with StemFUEL® is one of the best products available in the market for hair growth. It has been used by thousands of people suffering from weak hair growth, and users have given exceptionally high ratings and reviews after using it. 

Users have noticed a remarkable difference in their hairs after using Root Rehab, and many have even recommended it to their friends suffering from damaged hairs. A large number of users start noticing change immediately after taking Root Rehab, and almost all users claim to get stronger and healthier hairs after using Root Rehab for few weeks.  

Only a tiny minority of users, around 1% say that they didn’t notice any difference after taking Root Rehab. While others disagree on the time required to notice a change as for some the results are immediate and can be seen after few weeks. While other users saw improvement in their hairs after using Root Rehab for extended periods such as 1 to 2 months.

Harvey & Coco Root Rehab Ingredients


Harvey & Coco Root Rehab uses a trademarked combination of ingredients known as StemFUEL, which acts as a supercharged protein shake for your hair. StemFUEL increases growth rate of your hair and due to this unique combination of ingredients Root Rehab is considered to be one of the best hair growth products in the market. 

Root Rehab contains StemFUEL, Acerola Cherry Extract, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Biotin, and Selenium in each capsule. You can refer to the bottle for determining the exact quantity of these ingredients per serving. 

Does Harvey and coco root rehab work / Before and After?


I incorporated Harvey & Coco root rehab into my daily diet but unfortunately didn’t notice any significant change in my hair. Although, in some places, I could feel slight growth after taking this almost for a month. But overall my hairs were quite dry as was the case before taking Root Rehab. 

I started using Root Rehab after trying several treatments for my dry hair, which were falling at a fast speed, but this didn’t work out at least for me. Root Rehab seems to have caused some minor changes in terms of hair growth, but I still suffered from hair loss even after using it for almost a month. Another popular product from the UK is Perfectil from VitaBiotics. I would also recommend their gummies to my UK Readers.

Final Thoughts

Root Rehab seems to work for several girls but didn’t work out for me. As a result, I was forced to look for a similar alternative to get healthier and stronger hair. I turned to Folexin after conducting some research as it’s another popular hair growth product which has thousands of positive reviews online. 

Folexin has similar ingredients but proved to be more effective than Root Rehab in my case. After using Folexin for 2 weeks, I could feel the change, and it has made my hairs stronger and healthier. 

Both the products are identical as they use similar ingredients and helped numerous people in increasing their hair growth rate. So, the ultimate choice is yours whether to use Root Rehab or Folexin as a hair growth supplement but based on my personal experience with both the products, I’d highly recommend Folexin over Root Rehab

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