Does Tricomin Work? My 2019 Honest Review


About 1 year ago I came across the Tricomin website, I was suffering from thinning and hair loss issues, and when I found this product, I wondered if it might be able to help me.

Looking at the website today, I can see that there are 3 main hair loss products you can choose from, each offering their version on the reason behind your hair loss problems and how to address it suitably.

For most other people and me. They aren't exactly cheap and buying them blindly as I did before isn't the smartest thing to do. You should read this Tricomin review first and then decide if their hair loss products are right for you.

Basic Info


Make a couple of hair loss related searches on Google, and you will see a plethora of products available to buy, they all claim that they are the best to assist you with your hair loss issues, or help you get rid of any thinning problems. It seems that each of these products takes a different approach to tackle your hair loss problem. Some like Propidren try to overcome these issues from the inside with pills, while others like Tricomin and Hair Restoration Laboratories are made to rub or spray some foam or lotion directly on your scalp.

With Tricomin they claimed that studies had shown their product to increase hair growth by boosting hair follicle strength. You can use their products by shampooing your hair and conditioning it frequently or spraying your hair. As with any topical product, you need to apply it as directed to observe any results. This is not a magical pill you need to take or a wand you can wave around your hair. However, as it functions similarly like the shampoo and conditioner combination that you have been using all of your life, incorporating it in your daily routine is quite easy.
I saw something about Tricomin offering pills, but they are entirely false and if you see that for sale anywhere, avoid it like the plague because it's fake and potentially dangerous.

Deeper Look At Their Claims


Reading through their website I can see that they claim their product can help you combat your thinning hair problem. They never state that their product can help restore hair that you have lost. On the contrary, they claim that their system strengthens the root and structure of your hair.

They further state that it restores balance to your hair and protects it. Tricomin claim to have spent years of research in developing their products, as well as that offer a wide array of products to solve the problem you are suffering from. I tried searching for some more information on the studies they conducted, but I couldn't find anything which was a shame. Tricomin contains the ingredients Essential amino acids and the main one, Triamino copper peptides. I know those essential amino acids are beneficial for hair growth, but I have never heard of anything about copper, and I couldn't find any studies relating to hair growth.

How Much Does It REALLY Cost?


As of June 2019, the hair densifying conditioning shampoo is $30 per bottle, and the Reinforcing hair bottle is $32. Something mildly amusing is that when I bought their Densifying bottle 1 year ago, it was cheaper. There is also tricomin energy therapy spray, but I have not tried it so can't comment on it in this review. Their Hair Spray is currently $78 the most expensive hair product they have for sale.

30 bucks might seem like quite a low price but remember that for some people once you stop using the shampoo, the results quickly stop showing up as well. I wouldn't be able to afford to buy their entire range or their shampoo and conditioner every month. Even If I could afford it though I'm not sure I would! I will go over why later in my review.

If you go by price, the hair loss prevention energy spray would be the most effective, as it costs more than double the combined amount of the other two hair products. It is manufactured with a copper solution, which they claim has been tested clinically and is proven to work for thicker longer hair follicles. It's also worth noting that if you spend over $50 shipping is free, which I suppose is quite good.

So... Does Tricomin work?

It looks like yes Tricomin does work for hair if you apply it religiously, and have deep enough pockets to purchase it. There are different types of tricomin reviews published both good and bad. There are numerous types of hair scalps as well as varying degrees of hair loss from DHT to medical conditions. Hence, it is conclusively impossible to advise whether a specific hair loss treatment will work for you. Anyone who says it will 100% give you hair growth is lying.


I was quite excited to see that Tricomin had set reviews to be made public on their Facebook page because that usually means you get to know the truth about a company. It was weird to see that they only had 3 reviews. I do think though that if something were seriously wrong their product they would have a lot more feedback there. When I took Tricomin's hair shampoo, I remember it did work a bit it didn't have any negative or life-changing impacts on me. That's probably why me, and most other people weren't compelled to leave a tricomin review. It was just kind of.... meh..

My Final Thoughts

If you are noticing a hair thinning problem, you could try Tricomin to halt its progress, but if your hair loss is severe, you might not see enough change from Tricomin to make a difference. If you are lucky enough not to have any severe hair conditions and can afford Tricomin every month, then I am sure you will notice a positive impact.

I couldn't find any major side effects when doing research for this review but as always, if you notice your hair thinning or falling out GO AND CONSULT YOUR REAL DOCTOR ASAP. I am most definitely NOT A DOCTOR but just a girl who tried energy therapy spray and wrote a Tricomin Review. There were no side effects for me, and I did notice a little bit of hair growth.

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